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_STRP festival_ _official aftermovie of the art, design and technology festival in Eindhoven_ _PLASMA: DISCUSSIONS & DANCING_ _second event of the all-inclusive pop-up podium in Eindhoven_ _PLASMA: SURVEY SAYS PARTY_ _The first event of PLASMA connecting humans, questioning identity, offline, together_ _575 X CALYPSO_ _thursday groove with the 575 collective at Calypso_ _"My Mind Always Drifts"_ _a collaborative fashion collection by Jess Oberlin and Brad Downey for the show Reverse Culture Shock at MU artspace _ _amuse la muse_ _MNWN x FONZIE_ _a glimst of the fashion show and immersive experience by MNWN clothing_
_KONINGSNACHT_ _Kingsday party with 575 and MOZEM collectives at Ketelhuis" _SUKRU-LAME NIGGA'S_ _first video for SUKRU's first released EP_ _SHARE THE VIBE: JESS Ă˜BERLIN_ _collaboration with Jess Oberlin for the city of Eindhoven thisiseindhoven.com_ _BLOCK BAR X 575_ _dutch design week (un)official opening party at Block Bar with the 575 collective_ special guest GERD_ _The Objectivist Drug Party / Genomic Intimacy_ _premiere of Zach Blas and Heather Dewey Whites exhibition curated by MU artspace_ _Reverse Culture Shock_ _opening exhibition of street artist Brad Downey at MU artspace_