Homohooligan - 2022

Direction: Davy De Lepper
Film & Edit: Clara Gustafsson
Music: Delano Legito

“Solidarity in sports 🏁
As a young kid I was a big fan of soccer. I trained twice a week and competed every Saturday with my team. At the age of 9 I stopped playing. I was bullied for being a ‘homo’ before exploring my own sexuality. I felt unsafe in locker rooms and released my emotions in fights with my father who coached me. I adapted to the believe that being gay is bad and weak. Now I know better.

Looking at the multi million industry 20 years later, not much has progressed. Supporters are still using ‘homo’ alongside the field to provoke the opponent, as if it means something bad. Soccer players choose to stay closeted, because they know coming out will have a negative impact on their career. Hosts of talk show Voetbal International choose the role of homophobe over figurehead for solidarity.
Being gay is simply not accepted.

Queer education needs to take place in many circles. Sports is one of them. Athletes should be celebrated for their skills and have safe spaces to develop their talents, all while being their true selves. Unapologetically and proud.”  - Davy De Lepper

© Clara Gustafsson