Master’s graduation work, Situated Design, AKV St Joost

S.W.I.T.C.H. is a project that illuminates a curious attempt to understand how others live in their home. Having been forced to isolate and reflect on my own private environment, led into developing a fascination for lamps and their impact on my daily life.

Lighting is the central visual shaping of a home. But how I light my home is different from how you light yours.

Culture, light sensitivity and personal aesthetics vary from person to person, which impacts how each chooses to live.

The aim of this study is to gather stories of diverse people—neighbors, strangers, family members and friends—to acknowledge their use of artificial lights in their own domestic space. I do so by asking each one to identify a lamp in their home with which they have a special bond with, for whatever reason they decide to share. By keeping my question as open as possible and free for interpretation, I allow their intuitive voice to be expressed.

Each story stands on its own but together form a universe of different realities. The memories and personal attachments that establish from these objects, despite being subjective, share collective experiences. The variety of this collection is portrayed in a physical installation, with 18 collected lamps. Each lamp can be switched on with its personal audio narrative played simultaneously.

By sharing these personal reflections to the public, as a means to create a bridge between the private and the public space- through storytelling. The goal is that these assembled symbolic representations are interacted with the visitors of the exhibition.

Hoping to shed a light on how they use and reflect on the lamps in their own home.

© Clara Gustafsson