My name is Clara Gustafsson, French & Swedish based in Eindhoven,
and I like to introduce myself as a


2018, I started my own film production company GOY. A company that covers all phases of production from brainstorm, direction to filming and editing. My work has been produced as commisioned and non-commercial films for a diverse range of clients such as: design institutions, music events, local artists and visionary students... 

2020, I co-founded Plasma DJ collective, a queer and female centered collective seeking to promote marginalized communities within electronic music environments, through DJ workshops and inclusive events. 

And finally in 2022 I co-created the production and set design company Duo Dynamique with my partner. Our mission is to use lightning and props to create atmospheres that embellish and reflect our clients vision.

As of today, I’m managing all of these activities/projects simultaneously.

As a multidisciplinary creator (filmmaker, producer, visual artist to name a few), I keep away from narrowing down my processes to specific tasks and creative works. Throughout the years I’ve qualified my contributions as that of a “connector”, through the mergence of multiple entities within the scope of art and design. The following has been the driving actors within my work:

• my camera captures people’s ideas and narratives

• my computer mouse bridges images and sounds

• my creative input directs and encourages project developments

• my eyes latches to coherent concepts

• my hands handle and put together events of diverse nature.

• my ears atunes to music that makes a crowd move

Feel free to contact me for any inquiries <3

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