Hi there!

My name is Clara Gustafsson *
g-o-y*,  swedish/french currently based in Eindhoven, NL 

I work as a freelance videographer, motion designer & visual storyteller.
I use my camera to capture details, my ears to find the right music and my fingers to click, drag and mix all the ingredients together.

My approach is finding ways to build connections between layers (graphics, film, music) to create a wholesome composition for an immersive experience.  A red thread throughout the video to create some sense, with a touch of surprise to engage the viewer. 

I strive to find collaborations in the field of art, design and music since it allows me to experiment with my interests. Playing with different techniques and styles to achieve the best result. Though each project is different, I take my time to listen and analyze carefully to what is expected in order to adapt accordingly.

I have a broad experience in creating aftermovies for festivals and parties, documenting exhibitions, creating promotional graphics, displaying at design shows and making music videos. Both for commercial and non-profit clients.

I also enjoy helping communities and sub-cultures spread their visions, and give them a platform to share through my lens.

for contact and collaboration inquiries:
email here