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[light, reflection, interactivity]
a three part installation



exploration of [un]used space

[forms an intrigue]

                  playability [&] intuition


         use of [scrap] materials

                                                                    giving [new] purpose

The analog chain reaction is a fusion between two worlds: the analog and digital.
This interactive installation taps on the idea of technostalgia by giving these old hardware a new purpose and opens the possibility to become relevant again. By creating a feedback loop as a mean to connect both worlds, it creates a transmission where they influence and elevate each other to create this reactive installation introduced through physical input.

one video a day keeps the doctor away 2020
working with constraints: filming a close-up detail, to make it look abstract. everyday for 8 weeks using only my phone

BEAM 2020
ADANNA - 2016

Space is only noise if you can see - 2018

archive - 2017

© Clara Gustafsson